New Dates

After the re-emergence of the festival in 2017, dates for 2018 have been announced as 28th and 29th September

The Brugges Excursion

The next event will be going ahead at the end of October 2018.
For details please use the e mail link below.


Alan Hewitt Promotions have organised UK tours for :-

Joanna Connor Band (USA)
Mem Shannon and the Membership (USA)
The Driftwood Citizens (USA)
Vargas Blues Band (Spain)
The Rudy Rotta Band (Italy)
The Jake Walker Band (USA)
Key Francis Band (USA)

And have booked :-

Lightnin Willie and the Poorboys (USA)
Catfish Keith (USA)
Rob Tognoni (AUS)
Doug McLeod (USA)
Eddie and Frank Thomas (USA)
The Wabash Cannonballs (USA)
Little Toby Walker (USA)
Kent DuChaine (USA)
John McCormick (USA)
Bob Cheevers (USA)
The Believers (USA)
Timo Gross (GER)
Steve James (USA)
Geoff Achison (AUS)
Shana Morrison (USA)


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